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Carpet Cleaning Services

A healthy home starts with a healthy carpet. Over time your carpeting hides all manner of things from foot traffic dirt to dust-mites, pet, and human hair and anything you have dropped or spilled. It’s probably not looking its best now either. That’s where we can help. Using leading-edge equipment and our specialist stain removing skills we will hygienically clean your carpets and make them look as good as they possibly can. Our carpet cleaning Wigan service has a number of professional machines at our disposal so that your valued carpets get the exact treatment they need.


Living room carpets from £45
Second carpet from £20
Other prices and full house prices available on request

We move your furniture

Whilst we do ask that you remove all small items such as photo frames and lamps etc., we will move larger items. This can include items such as tables, chairs, and sofas on sliders and place them on protective cards and blocks to protect your flooring.

Please note that we may on our own, so if there are bulky items that need to be moved, please notify us beforehand so that we can arrange assistance.

Upholstery Cleaning Services

Your upholstery receives a lot of wear and tear over time. It also comes into regular contact with dirt, stains, and sweat. Pet doors too if you have pets at home. If your upholstered furniture hasn't been professionally cleaned in a couple of years then it's well overdue. This is where our upholstery cleaning Derby service will help.

The first thing we do is look at the construction of the fabric to find out the exact type of fabric we are cleaning. Then a commercial vacuum cleaner is used to dry extract all the dry dirt and dust from your precious furniture. Following this, we then apply a special cleaning solution and gently massage it into every fiber. This slowly loosens all the dirt, sweat and stains off the fabric. Finally, we use a low moisture tool on a commercial extraction machine to suck all the dirt and cleaning solution away.


3 seat/ corner sofas from £85
Other items & size prices available on request

We don’t claim to be the cheapest but we do promise to be insured, trained, professional, friendly and use the latest hi tech commercial equipment. We also clean all the sofa not just the seated areas. We won’t ask for a penny until you are 100% satisfied. We also like to call you the following day when everything is fully dry to check you are still happy.

As a local business that thrives on its reputation we pride ourselves on being experienced, reliable, friendly, trustworthy and contactable - offering a fast, safe, affordable and above all a professional service.