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Patio Cleaning Services

We cover Wigan, Bolton, Preston, Warrington, Liverpool, Manchester and the whole of the North West, working with domestic and commercial clients with the same aim in mind, to offer a second to none service at an extremely competitive price.

Whether it is a large car par park or a small residential patio, our goal is to leave your surfaces looking it as good as the day it was installed.

We provide a patio cleaning surface that will remove all unsightly, moss, weeds, alga and lichen spots, giving it a fresh look and bringing it back to its form glory.

  • Patio cleaning, driveway cleaning, path cleaning, car park cleaning, decking cleaning
  • Fungicidal wash treatment (to kill off moss, lichen & algae spores)
  • Oil/fuel/paint stain removal
  • Cleaning and oiling decking (boards only)
  • Tarmac restoration (involves cleaning & coating)
  • Sealing of natural stone and pattern imprinted concrete

Over time your patio can become slippery leaving it unsafe to walk on. Following a professional clean your patio will be safe again and easy to walk on.

We use the latest hi-tech pressure washing equipment to clean the patio by carefully stripping dirty, moss and other organic matter from the surface. This will leave your surface.

As an additional service, we can seal your patio to protect it against the elements.

As a local business that thrives on its reputation we pride ourselves on being experienced, reliable, friendly, trustworthy and contactable - offering a fast, safe, affordable and above all a professional service.

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